Poster Presentation Science Protecting Plant Health 2017

Occurrence of Aster yomena Sclerotinia Rot Caused by Sclerotinia minor in Korea (#224)

Sang Yeob Lee 1 , Wan Gyu Kim 1 , Hyo Won Choi 1
  1. National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Rural Development Administration, Wanju, JEOLLABUK-DO, South Korea

Sclerotinia rot symptoms were frequently found on stems of Aster yomena cultivated in Gurye area of Korea in April 2016. The symptoms mainly appeared on the stems, and severely infected plants blighted. White mycelia spreaded over stems of the infected plants and soil surface, and formed small black sclerotia on the lesions and inside of diseased stems. Incidence of the disease was as high as 20~ 80% in the Aster yomena fields. On the basis of morphological, cultural characteristics and ITS gene sequences of the isolates from the lesions, the fungus was identified as Sclerotinia minor. This is the first report of Aster yomena Sclerotinia rot caused by Sclerotinia minor in Korea.