Oral Presentation Science Protecting Plant Health 2017

Australia’s On-Farm Grain Storage Extension Project – a national initiative improving stored grain pest management and maintaining phosphine fumigation efficacy on-farm for the Australian grains industry. (4192)

Peter Botta 1 , Judy Bellati 2 , Catherine Botta 1 , Chris Warrick 3 , Ben White 4
  1. PCB Consulting, Benalla, VICTORIA, Australia
  2. Primary Industries and Regions, PIRSA, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  3. Primary Business, Horsham, Victoria, Australia
  4. Ben White Consulting, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Phosphine is a cost effective and widely used fumigant to control grain insect pests in on-farm and central storage systems in Australia. Phosphine’s continued use is threatened through increased resistance in both frequency and strength in target insect pests.   Effective fumigation combined with best practice integrated pest management is essential to the sustainability of grain biosecurity and market access for Australian post-harvest grain systems. The National Stored Grain Extension Program (NSGEP) is the industry funded initiative developed to facilitate best practice grain storage practices, involving growers, agribusiness and industry.

The NGSEP aims to improve grain storage management practices and the efficacy of phosphine fumigation within Australia’s grains industry.

The NGSEP uses a multi approach engagement strategy aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge to build capacity and support to enable farmers and industry to manage their grain storage systems and meet best practice requirements. These include: workshops, field days, industry forums, information, multi-media and website development and building networks with grower groups, government agencies and agribusiness.

In southern Australia, over 50 training workshops for farmers, advisors and agribusiness on best practice fumigation and grain storage principles are delivered, using a variety of adult learning principles and training techniques. 

Various evaluation methods have shown that awareness and adoption of best practice in on-farm grain storage management has increased. The NSGEP contributes to the positive on-going changes observed in Australia’s on-farm grain storage systems. It plays an instrumental role in building capacity and maintaining phosphine fumigation efficacy in the Australian grains industry.