Elliot W. Kitajima Science Protecting Plant Health 2017

Elliot W. Kitajima

EWK (born in 1936) got a degree on Agronomy in 1958 at the College of Agriculture (ESALQ)/USP. From1959 to 1973 was a reseracher on Plant Virology at the Inst.Agronomico Campinas. In 1973 was invited as Professor to the Dept.Cell Biol., Univ.Brasilia. After retiring in 1995 was invited to coordinate an Electron Microscope Lab at ESALQ. Compulsory retired in 2006, remained at ESALQ as Senior Professor working on Brevipalpus-Transmitted viruses (BTV) with grants from FAPESP. See details of CV at the site http://lattes.cnpq.br/0482551013400931.

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