Muhammad Junaid Science Protecting Plant Health 2017

Muhammad Junaid

My work focuses on the relationship between cocoa and new encountered pathogen interactions. I have a passion for understanding the Vascular streak dieback disease which nowadays impacts to cocoa commodities not just in Indonesia, but also in Southeast Asia and Pacific countries where cocoa is growing. In the disease, variation of the symptoms is more prevalent and this is interesting to know whether there are associated with genetic variation of pathogen population. The publications included Vascular streak dieback on cocoa in Southeast Asia and Melanesia: in Planta detection of the pathogen and a new taxonomy, Detection Thanatheporus theobromae, cause of VSD disease, in South Sulawesi and several posters presented in international conferences. I am now undertaking PhD program to continue the project at School of life and environmental sciences, Sydney institute of Agriculture, the University of Sydney, supervised by Prof. David GUEST

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