Dean Paini Science Protecting Plant Health 2017

Dean Paini

Dean Paini is a senior research scientist at CSIRO, Canberra. He completed his PhD in ecology at the University of Western Australia investigating the impact of the European honey bee on Australian native bees. He subsequently completed a postdoc at the University of Florida where he studied the ecology of thrips pests. Dean also completed a second postdoc at CSIRO, using self organising maps (SOM) to model invasive species threat based on associations with other invasive species. Dean’s current research focuses on invasive species and risk assessment. Currently, he is interested in modelling the spread of pests and pathogens via natural and human mediated pathways. Dean is part of a team that had developed a web based tool to model dispersal by wind (TAPPAS). He has also worked on spread via a number of different networks, such as the global shipping network, informal trade networks, and human tourist movement networks.

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