Arachchige Surantha A salgadoe Science Protecting Plant Health 2017

Arachchige Surantha A salgadoe

I am a plant pathologist from Sri Lanka (Wayamba University of Sri Lanka). Also a PhD research fellow at the PARG, UNE (Precision Agriculture Research Group, University of New England). As a young scientist my passion is to innovate advanced digital technology solutions in plant disease management for the agriculture sector. In my career I have worked in plant disease diagnosing and identifying suitable management strategies for crops of vegetables, ornamental plants and fruits. During my PhD I work on optimizing remote sensor technologies for developing a protocol for early detection of avocado root rot disease. My aim is to allow avocado growers to use simple mobile devices or drones with automated expert systems to easily identify spatial and temporal distribution of the root rot disease in orchards. This would be a breakthrough in deciding and forecasting inputs for disease management in avocado fields.

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