Christos Athanassiou Science Protecting Plant Health 2017

Christos Athanassiou

Dr. Christos Athanassiou is a Professor at the Department of Agriculture, Crop Production and Rural Environment at the University of Thessaly, Greece. The research and teaching activities of Christos are focused on agricultural, forest and, post-harvest entomology, emphasizing on integrated and biological control aspects. Dr. Athanassiou and his groups contributed significantly in the area of stored products protection, particularly, in the development of novel chemical and non-chemical methods for insect and mite control, such as diatomaceous earths and related nanomaterials. They have also developed several low-risk active ingredients and biotechnical methods, such as mating disruption and insecticide auto-dissemination. Prof. Athanassiou has established a global research network including USDA-ARS, Kansas State University, JKI, INRA and QDAF Australia. Prof. Athanassiou has either led or participated as a key researcher in more than 70 national and international research programs (funded by organizations including EU, IAEA, FAO, ECPA, USDA and OECD). He has more than 400 publications to his credit, of which more than 200 are in peer reviewed Journals. He has as a Convener, International Organization for Biological Control (IOBC, 2007-13). He is currently serving as one of the three Editors in Chief of Journal of Stored Products Research and subject Editor for Journal of Pest Science and Journal of Insect Science. Prof. Athanassiou has been invited/keynote speaker in more than 50 international meetings/conferences. He has received numerous scholarships, fellowships and awards from different organizations including OECD (2007), the Hellenic Scholarship Foundation (2000-2001), USDA Forest Service International Programs (2010, 2012 and 2013), the Fulbright Foundation (2015) and the US Institute of International Education (IIE) (2015).

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