Sarah Corcoran Science Protecting Plant Health 2017

Sarah Corcoran

Sarah Corcoran is the Chief Plant Health Officer for the Northern Territory’s Department of Primary Industries and Resources (DPIR), providing leadership and direction to plant biosecurity programs in the Territory. As the Chief Inspector of Plant Health she provides strategic leadership in legislative policy and implementation and national responses to plant pest incursions including the National Banana Freckle and Browsing Ant Eradication Programs. Prior to joining DPIR, Sarah led the National Red Imported Fire Ant and Electric Ant Eradication programs, administered by Biosecurity Queensland, representing a centre of excellence for Australia in the eradication of invasive species. During Sarah’s leadership of the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication program, the Port of Gladstone was declared fire ant free. The pest was successfully eradicated in two and a half years, setting a new standard in invasive pest eradication. Sarah has a passion for entomology and preserving vital agricultural industries and Australia’s unique environment from invasive pests and disease. Sarah has experience of working as a biosecurity practitioner in the Commonwealth and two State Departments of Agriculture. During her career she has worked on a number of emergency responses to incursions of exotic pests and pathogens across the biosecurity continuum, gaining a national and international reputation as a leader in policies and strategies designed to enhance biosecurity protection. More importantly, her first-hand experience of the impacts of incursions on industry and community has made it even more important to show growers biosecurity is about working with farmers not against them. Recognising the need to build trust and grow relationships between industry and biosecurity, Sarah believes the success of maintaining Australia’s reputation for producing fresh, high quality agricultural products can be achieved through developing and maintaining positive partnerships with industry and community.

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