Neena Mitter Science Protecting Plant Health 2017

Neena Mitter

Professor Neena Mitter, at Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, the University of Queensland, is one of Queensland’s leading biotechnologists and has won prestigious awards like Women in Technology Queensland Biotechnologist Award and Queensland International Fellowship. She currently leads a team of 22 staff and students focussed on innovative solutions for management of crop and animal health to address the challenge of food security. She is credited with innovations creating change by research namely 'BioClay spray for crop protection’, ‘Nanovaccines for animal health’ and ‘Clonal propagation of avocado using plant stem cells.’ These are platform technologies impacting agricultural production, environmental sustainability and socio-economic dynamics of farming community. She is leading global consortia funded by Govt, Industry, Philanthropy and End Users to progress these innovations to reach farmers’ fields. With increased scrutiny on use of chemicals as crop and animal disease control agents; the focus is on developing clean technologies. The Ag-Nano innovations of BioClay and Nanovaccines are perfectly placed to mitigate these challenges.

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