Nancy Schellhorn Science Protecting Plant Health 2017

Nancy Schellhorn

Dr Nancy Schellhorn obtained her PhD from University of Minnesota, USA. She conducted post-doctoral research at University of Wisconsin-Madison USA on interactions among multiple species of exotic and native arthropods, and at CSIRO Narrabri, NSW on parasitoids of Helicoverpa spp on cotton. In late 2000 she joined SARDI, where she led the National Diamondback Moth, and Revegetation by Design projects. In 2005, Dr Schellhorn joined CSIRO in Brisbane where she is a Principle Research Scientist. Nancy has lead the National Research & Development for Profit Project on ‘Area-wide management of QLD Fruit Fly: Guidelines for SIT’. Nancy’s research uses ecological concepts to address pest management problems at multiple spatial scales in agricultural and urban landscapes. She and her collaborators have developed and advanced the concept of Pest Suppressive Landscapes, which is a way of measuring, designing and managing agricultural landscapes for productivity and biodiversity, including the control of exotic pests. Nancy is currently leading the development and trialling of RapidAIM, a real-time monitoring system for the presence and location of fruit flies.

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